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Wishlist eh…

Trade Brate- Howard and Auclair can get it done

Trade or release DJax- Sign J.J. Nelson or Eli Rodgers cheap

Cut Curry, Gholston, Unrein

Conte, Kwon, Hump not resigned. Bring back Minter, sign Bucannon (LB/S), with signing Nelson or Rodgers, I think the group of Evans, Godwin, Watson, Bobo is plenty good enough. Unless market for slot WR is like the S market and Hump can be brought back for something reasonable in which case may not need to sign one of above WRs.

Sign Mathieu or Landon Collins and Bradley Roby for the back end.

Oline is tricky… for my above signings probably need more money but don’t want to enter the draft looking for 2 starters on the line.


R1- Best DL available, trade back if possible to still get one of those DL and a 3rd I will say

R2- Best OG/OT available

R3-R7- BPA anywhere on D and OL. Preferably front 7 D but probably mix in a CB.

Come away with couple impact DL and maybe McCoy and his money is available.

McCoy and D.Smith situation make this tough to do right now.

Hypothetical secondary FA signings and I am ok with Davis, Roby, Smith, Hargreaves, Mathieu, Evans, Whitehead. Sign cheap skill positions on offense and draft almost all trenches. Hope Beckwith and Cichy come back strong.

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