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Again, excellent discussion! For some reason you just can’t fathom a democrat in today’s America that aligns themself with what was once called the blue dog democrat platform. In your mind, unless I go straight down the line according to the Pelosi’s of the world, I can’t possibly be a democrat?! That is sad and again shows why you are the problem in this country. It’s your way or no way?! And here you are on an almost daily basis spewing “the virtues” of being a modern American liberal. You know all that inclusiveness, respect, compassion and don’t forget the big one nowadays intellectual superiority.


Except for for the last one, those qualities are what brought me to the democrat party to begin with. The cucks that make up the party now just use them disingenuously to find the next “victim” and brow beat anyone that steps out of line. We have morphed into a party that disregards the rule of law, scoffs at the constitution, encourages people to make a treacherous thousand mile journey to our border and try to blame the republicans when they stand with said rule of law. It’s not like they are stupid laws that shouldn’t be on the books. These are laws that attempt to control or AT LEAST know who is coming into our country.


I’ll tell you the last straw for me. The new full term abortion law in NY. Do you agree with this? Do you understand what that means? You can’t call this a mass of cells. This is about FULLY DEVELOPED, nine months in the womb babies! Do you think this is some painless, serene death of the baby? It’s not. And it’s not limited to any kind of medical emergency standard. It is literally whatever the “mother” wants for any reason or no reason at all. Where is the line? Will that change in a few years…..”hey, you know this 3 month old is really hurting my social life.  Maybe I’ll take advantage of that new test drive abortion law”….You undoubtedly support this because it’s part of the advancement of the party’s platform. If you don’t support it you must be a MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter.


Our party is is being run into the ground by extremists and you are apparently ok with that.

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