Reply To: CBS mock


Just saw the 2 mock drafts on where Daniel Jeremiah has the Bucs taking Alabama RB Josh Jacobs and Bucky Brooks has us taking LSU LB Devin White. Not really sure what to make of either one of these predictions. Seemed a little far fetched for me, but I do like Devin White, just not sure about taking him at 5 overall.

I think the Jeremiah pick is basically that

1) He is enamored with Josh Jacobs (Ranked 6th on his top 50).

2) Bucs need a running back.  So…

3) Bucs pick Jacobs.

I think its as simple as that.  Never mind that it would be crfazy for the Bucs with all their needs to draft a RB at 6 who is not named Saquon Barkley or Walter Payton.

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