Reply To: Kareem Hunt or Le'veon Bell


Hunt. And I’m a HUGE Le’veon Bell fan. But Hunt is younger, would come cheaper, and at least I can believe he cares about football and his team. Bell is out for himself and his money alone, which is fine. More power to you. But you quit on your team and can’t be trusted. Plus while both of these guys have had trouble off the field, 1 of them is a repeat offender and it ain’t Hunt.

I would rather have Hunt as well because we all know Bell does not care for his teammates, he’s younger and obviously cheaper. Hunt is also a repeat offender by alligations which in my opinion are true. I could care less I just want a Super Bowl in Tampa in 2020!

But maybe you would care more if he was suspended?  Every time he does something he will get suspended.  They are already investigating three incidents.  So he will be suspended 4 to 6 games out of the gate minimum.  I don’t know much about the other two incidents.  Then any further incidents will be probably the rest of the season and then some.  So enjoy the Peyton Barber and Ronald Jones show in 2019 if we sign Hunt.  I agree we are really shooting to do something in 2020.  Do you really think Tampa Bay is the place where a troubled player will settle down and stay out of trouble?  Sure its possible..  There’s always a first time!

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