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I still have to do Garrett Bradbury’s actual gametape, but I’m going to just review the Senior Bowl performances of the OL that I’ve done so far in this thread, starting with the guy I just looked at; Bradbury.

Play by Play 1st drive for ANDRE DILLARD @ SENIOR BOWL. Just grading the snaps +2 to -2 w/ 0 being “as expected.”

1) Pass pro singled vs 5 tech. Lack of anchor (see above) means he’s pushed right into Grier’s lap…pretty easily at that. Pressure but Grier gets the ball out as Dillard is pushed into him. -1

2) Man run that comes off of his side. Single on 5 tech occupies him and generates about 1 yard of displacement before shed. This is enough to generate a run win. +1

3) Doubles 5 tech in pass pro w/ TE. Nothing really happening here. Aware enough to peel a delayed blitzer, but nothing really happening here (and the pick up wasn’t great nor was it consequential). 0

4) Singled vs 6 tech in pass pro. Solid footwork/hands; rides him outside of the C arc. +1

5) Man Lead Lead away from him and he is singled on a 7 tech. Despite it not being PoA, really good job here in all technical aspects, keeps legs moving, occupies him so he can’t pursue for duration. +2

6) Quick Set pass pro against 5 tech. Ball is out instantly, but this is really good technique and does the job. +1

7) Bad job by them in their presentation on this one (camera is everywhere and poor), but it looks like a Zone run toward Dillard. From the little I could tell, he helps the TE 1st level (they generate displacement) and then he climbs 2nd level, finds his man and wins. +1

8) Zone run that cuts back to Dillard’s side. The run is productive, but Dillard doesn’t do anything here. He fails to climb 2nd level while he was uncovered and his brief hand to help the TE doesn’t do anything here. -1

9) Inside Zone. Same exact deal as above (uncovered – quick help and 2nd level climb/peel), except Dillard’s lack of 2nd level climb to his man is the reason the play isn’t successful (his man makes the play). -2

10) Power O away from Dillard (LG pulling). He’s singled on a 6 tech and just has to seal him away from the play. Good job. +1

11) Single Quick Set (play-action) Pass Pro vs 6 tech. Footwork, hands both good. Initial anchor is insufficient, but his reanchor is sufficient (which is a good sign). +1

12) Vertical Pass Set vs 6 tech. Wins with footwork and hands. Completely shuts him down.
Not only does he not even allow him to arc (and then ride him out), he stalls it the rush completely with no depth given up into the pocket. Really great job. +2

13) Another Zone run to his side. Does a great job 1st level (inside crash by DE basically seals himself inside, but Dillard more than helps him take himself out of the play) and then climbs with correct angle to 2nd level and wins that. Great stuff. +2

14) Singled on 5 tech and then gets some help. This is the sort of oversetting to the edge that I spoke of above. His competition is helping him out a fair bit here (not much in well-developed or dynamic pass rush). A lumbering change of direction back to the inside by the end a wee bit into the pass set and you can clearly see Dillard is in the process of oversetting to the edge. Help comes, but I don’t think it mattered anyway. 0

15) Fake Outside Zone boot away from Dillard. However, the relevant bit here is how well he executes his footwork and the reach block to seal his man inside. He gets width and depth quickly and efficiently, crosses the face of the 6 tech and gets his hands into him aggressively and appropriately. He doesn’t get the full seal, but this is a very good win against an outside leverage tech. +2

16) Inside Zone Dillard’s way and he’s singled against 6 tech. He’s supposed to get a little width here and drive him. He does a decent job initially with his footwork and his hands, but he loses here. 6 tech generates a few yards of displacement (rather than the inverse), controls him (not allowing him to widen the B<>C space) and then sheds him as the RB is coming into the B gap; TFL (along with the DT who also won). -2

17) Wide 9 DE speed to power rush pushes Dillard right into the lap of the QB. They called Hands to the Face on this. No rep.

18) Man run Dillard’s way. 4 tech across from him shoots low. Gets penetration, but doesn’t disrupt the play and Dillard helps him lose and smothers him. Play is a TFL, but not due to Dillard. +1

19) Loses the edge to 6 tech on his vertical set. Ball is out pretty quickly, but this is a Pressure. This snap shows a lot of what I was talking about above. Hand strike isn’t remotely violent and the 6 tech generates a soft edge with a slap > rip, Dillard’s head leaks out beyond his base as he’s losing, edge lost. -1

20) Quick WR Screen. No rep here.


So there are the first 2 drives for Dillard in the Senior Bowl.

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