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B) The biggest problem in high schools presently is vaping. Even though its illegal its hard to catch, and kids do it in the parking lot. Its mainly tobacco/nicotine, and vaping THC requires an illegal alteration of the device. If marijuana/THC vaping becomes legal I see this as becoming a major problem in schools and more prevalent in society.

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No alterations required. THC vapes come in the same form as tobacco/nicotine vapes. THC vaping is already legal in several states. The same states with tobacco/nicotine vapes. If your argument were true there would be an issue with vaping THC at this moment. Vaping THC is just another way to smoke. Technology has come a long ways. Do some research.

In Florida alterations are required because vaping THC is illegal.  I’ve discussed this with the school resource officer, because I wanted to know how he can tell if a vape pen has nicotine or other illegal drugs.  He says he can easily tell if the vape pen has something besides nicotine because its been altered.  You pull out the cartridge and put in another cartridge. He can send it to the lab if he chooses to.    I presume that if its legal then you won’t have to do it yourself, and you can more easily get a hold of a marijuana vape pen.

As I said I’m not against legalizing weed, but not to increase its usage.  Its just going to make things harder in schools.   If you don’t think marijuana is a problem in high school you need to talk to some people who work there.   The only problem that is probably worse is nicotine vaping.   So we’ll be putting those two together now.

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