Reply To: 2019 1st Round Pick Prospects Review


Just one thing right quick. Though I’ve put Jaylon Ferguson well up there, that doesn’t mean he should be drafted 1st round. So a few thoughts:

1) It appears that most big boards have him 2-3.

2) My guess is his body and wingspan will come in great at the comebine, but he won’t raise his draft stock with athletic performance at the combine.

3) When it comes to DE, most times their ceiling is untapped because they come into the league without a great pass rush suite and great hand use. (a) His hand use is unbelievably mature and (b) his pass rush suite is quite good.

Consequently, Ferguson is a player with an extremely high floor (my guess is he comes into the league and produces immediately) but he isn’t the sexy, high ceiling athletic freak with untapped potential that GMs love early in the draft.

So drafting him early would be terrible value (unless something dramatically changes with his stock).

If we pick up an extra 2nd with a minor move-down (for our 1st and 4th), he would be an awesome pick. Something like:

1- Williams (CB)
2 – Lindstrom (OG)
2 – Ferguson (Edge)
3 – Pratt (LB)

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