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I get that lefty is java or some other poster, but this is one of the dumbest things ever posted here:

If there was any evidence of Trump colluding (BTW is there a law against colluding?) with Russia it would be undeniable and leaked a long time ago. Look close at the charges against those around him, process crimes are what come to mind.

Knowingly using data STOLEN by a foreign government (“collusion”) to subvert an election is, of course, a crime.

The indictment unsealed against Stone was a very generic indictment (he will face an amended indictment when he refuses to cooperate — see exactly same thing happening with Manafort) but even as a generic indictment it includes THIS:

“In an indictment unsealed Friday, federal prosecutors allege that Stone spoke with senior members of Trump’s campaign staff about WikiLeaks and that a campaign official was “directed” to ask Stone “about any additional releases and what other damaging information [WikiLeaks] had regarding the Clinton Campaign.”

The timing of this allegation is AFTER everyone knows it was the Russians who provided Wikileaks with the data. a CAMPAIGN official was DIRECTED.

Its not that complicated

1. Russia (a FOREIGN enemy) wants Trump elected because they view him as more likely to help their cause (especially with Manafort)

2. Russia helps Trump in multiple ways (e.g. Manafort hands polling data over, social media, NRA funding etc.)

3. One way Russia helps is plainly and clearly ILLEGAL – they hack the DNC computers and then have the data go out close to the election

4. According to the latest indictment, the Trump campaign PROACTIVELY reaches out to Stone to get more info to hurt Clinton help them. Just like Junior’s meeting in the Trump Tower

THAT IS COLLUSION (i.e., a conspiracy to subvert an election). The Watergate burglars broke into DNC headquarters to steal documents and bug phones to give them an unfair advantage in an election (subversion). Same thing here except the crime is by Russians

Trump is FAMOUS for ignoring legal advice, so it may be that this is all Keystone Cops and people like Junior and Manafort and Stone and Flynn dont really appreciate at the time that they are committing crimes. BUT THEY CERTAINLY UNDERSTAND THEY DID AFTER THE FACT . . . or what? Or THEY DONT LIE to Congress and to a prosecutor . .such that they get convicted of what Lefty calls “process crimes.”

Most of the people in Watergate got in trouble because of the cover-up too.

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