Reply To: Trade #5 to the Steelers – Draft Trevor Lawrence in 2020


1st problem of many with your scenario is Lawrence isn’t draft eligible until 2021 at the earliest. And that would assume he would want to come out his junior year.

2nd problem is that you are guaranteeing that the Steelers will be the absolute bar none worst team in football.   This is the team that hasn’t had a losing season since 2003 (15 years) and hasn’t lost less than five games since 1969 (49 years).  They won one game that year under first year head coach Chuck Noll, and drafted a young whippersnapper QB named Terry Bradshaw with that first pick.    And the Steelers won’t own their pick so they won’t have a reason to tank.

This is so ridiculous it doesn’t even deserve a response.  But actually its even more ridiculous than that, and I can’t help but respond.   This board is not running short of clowns.

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