Reply To: "Walls are immoral– we just need longer (abortion) tables."


I think majority of people are losing sight on whats actually important and the media is only distracting people from it. They’ve pitted both political sides against each other to the point where there is no healthy debate anymore. Just labels and immature arguments back and forth. Gets people all riled up. Then they pit the races against each other with the Black Lives Matter thing. Then they pit the sexes against each other with this #metoo stuff. Then they get people on board with to take the rights to bear arms away. They are trying to get this country to be against each other to the point where we dont see that this is happening to gain control over the people. I was never a conspiracy guy but the way things have happened the last few years its pretty clear what is happening. Just look at the propaganda out there. What is the media telling you to do? Hate. Thats all it is.

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