Reply To: 2019 2nd Round Pick Prospects Review


1) Inside Zone Weak Lead Left

LG – Deiter

Lateral Drive block single on the 3 tech. Gets 1 yard of displacement, but hand position isn’t great and the 3 tech is able to shed and win the B gap. -1

C – Bradbury

Uncovered so straight 2nd level to MLB (typically, he should help Lindstrom brieflyon the 1 tech before releasing, so Lindstrom can attempt to get across his face, but he doesn’t). Good quickness and good angle, but the MLB stacks him immediately (stood straight up) and is able to get downhill into his run fit. -1

RG – Lindstrom

Lateral Drive block single on the 1 tech (who has play-side leverage due to alignment). Would be nice to have a quick help from the C, but he doesn’t get it. He can’t cross his face, hand position is poor and the NT dominates his gap. -1 (this would get a -2 except the Center’s lack of help mitigates it).

RT – Risner

Uncovered so straight 2nd level to SLB. Slow out of his stance, too upright. SLB not only beats him to the angle, but the effort doesn’t even disrupt him to the ball. -1


Not a good start for any of our intrepid heroes!

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