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3) Pass from Shotgun, Unbalanced Right, Twins Left. Tight TE is chipping on Risner’s man before releasing and the 3 tech is weak side. This tells me that the call should be to protection slide left off of that (away from it) with Bradbury focusing on the 3 tech with Deiter.

LG – Deiter

Deiter clearly thinks he is going to get help across his face as he quick sets to the B gap, engages the 3 tech and then hands him off to his right when the 3 tech attacks that A gap on the otherside. He then looks to his left to help the LT. This is telling me protection slide left.

He does what appears to be the call here. 0

C – Bradbury

Someone is confused here because the general set up screams protection slide left and Deiter’s behavior screams protection slide left. Bradbury is hesitant in engaging anyone off the snap (he doesn’t help Lindstrom w/ the 1 tech right over him on his right shoulder and he doesn’t immediately slide left).

He’s late getting over to double the 3 tech off the snap (which should happen in a slide left) and then he’s late picking him up when Deiter passes him off after he jumps a gap over (A gap). This generates pressure even though the ball is out and on the money. This on Bradbury in multiple ways. -2

RG – Lindstrom

Singled against the 1 tech NT. Loses the strike initiative and is stacked so he loses initial leverage to anchor. He attempts to reanchor but he can’t so the NT walks him into the QB lap. -1

RT – Risner

After the TE chips (laboriously…he doesn’t release for a bit) the 6 tech DE, there isn’t much for Risner to do. But again (as noted above), he’s standing too upright, his base gets narrow, and he’s reaching with his initiative to strike, which causes his head to leak out beyond his lower half. These are all the things he has a propensity to do.

I’m tempted to grade him negatively just because of how poor this is technically, but I’m going to no rep this as the TE did all the work and Risner played no role here.


Checkdown RB muffs a ball right into his hands, which almost leads to a tip > pick.

3 plays and only a single positive grade and multiple negative grades.

Ugly series so far by the North OL.

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