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5) Shotgun Pass

LG – Deiter

Singled on 3 tech. Great job with footwork, hands, anchors and stalls out the initial rush but QB holds the ball so a re-anchor is required (does the job). QB holds the ball forever here. Multiple step drop after Shotgun snap. He holds it. He pump fakes. Holds it again. 3.4 seconds until release is forever. Dominant stuff. +2

C – Bradbury

This is 3rd and long and the Over LBs/DBs are 6 yards off the ball so no threat to blitz. Both DTs are 3 techs so there isn’t any reason to not help immediately on one of the 3 techs.

Bradbury stands around for about 1.75 seconds (seemingly expecting a delayed blitz from 6 yards deep?) before finding some work. He needs to help one of the Guards off the snap (the one dealing with the bigger threat or the weaker pass protector). He finally helps Lindstrom who is in good position, but this is way too late. -1

RG – Lindstrom

Singled vs 3 tech. He is a little late out of his stance and loses the B gap from the get-off due to his feet and loss of strike initiative. Honestly, this was a borderline Hold in order to recover (hands way outside the frame…right arm wrapped around the collar of the DT and uses that to torque his hips back into position). But he does recover and the DT tries to spin out of this mess. Bradbury comes over late to help but the play had mostly stalled out. I’m going to give this a 0 because (a) he got the job done, but (b) this was poor technique that probably/could have been a Holding call on 3rd and long. 0

RT – Risner

Single vs 7 tech who comes with a stutter and go. Great footwork on the kick-slide; balanced, great base, doesn’t overset. Great strike (initiative and square in the chest) forces the C gap arc waaaay wider than intended and rides him well out of the play. Great stuff. +2