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6) Shotgun Man Trap Off LG (TE comes under formation to kick-out weakside end, singles up front and uncovered OL, Bradbury and Ritner, to 2nd level)

LG – Deiter

Covered by 3 tech so single here. This is PoA. Comes off the ball just ok here. Hands are good, but he only generates about .5 yards displacement. However, he keeps his feet moving and gets a little more. The RB is making his cut off this block. Misread (Lindstrom man was contracting this A gap) by the tailback. He had daylight for days if he goes B gap instead of A. This would have been a huge run. 0

C – Bradbury

Uncovered so straight to 2nd level. Given the 1 tech’s formational leverage on Lindstrom, again, I’d like to see a brief help so Lindstrom can ensure he can cross the face of the NT.
He doesn’t help, he just climbs 2nd level straight-away. He overpusues his MLB a bit so doesn’t get him squarely (though he had a free shot and the MLB was confused by his keys so he should have had him). He got enough to disrupt though. 0

RG – Lindstrom

Singled vs 1 tech. Formational leverage to the play-side for the NT on Lindstrom, so he has to get across his face before he can drive block him. Lindstrom doesn’t shoot his hands first so he’s lost leverage off the bat. NT controls him and contracts down the line to shut down the A gap (again, RB made wrong read). Bradbury should have helped a bit here, but this is still not good enough. Extremely good play design was turned into a run loss due to (a) complete tailback misread and (b) this block (only a 2 yard gain and should have been a big run). -1

RT – Risner

Risner is uncovered so straight climb to 2nd level to WLB. Man, this play really shows Risner’s struggles in space. Awkward, 2 tall, poor angle (and just like the MLB, the WLB is stalled by the keys, so he paused, giving Risner the advantage). WLB easily beats him to the spot. This was set up to be an easy 2nd level climb and a win but was a complete loss. -2

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