Reply To: TRADE DOWN TO #10???


I feel like this team needs its premium players at this point we need an absolute stud at 5. The picks would be nice but this GM has shown he cant make a 2nd round pick to save his life

I hear ya on the premium player but depending on how free agency and cutting players goes…..we may have a lot of holes to fill. Those extra draft picks could go a long way. And hopefully having a competent coaching staff will actually get production out of a 2nd round pick.

“A lot of holes to fill”. No doubt. Depending on how rosy some peoples glasses are, that number could be 5 starters or 15. “How many holes do Licht and Arians see?”, is the ultimate question. Licht may be more inclined to keep marginal players he has acquired and try to make them work.

Also, if we are being realistic, this team is not one offseason away from contending. It’s time to go after an elite player in the top 5. Those picks are a little harder to screw up. I don’t care if we net 3 total picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Those players may not add up to the impact that a stud defensive player could at that pick.

Best to go big on the most potentially impact player instead of trying to apply the shotgun approach in the mid rounds.

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