Reply To: CBS rejects 5 Million Dollar Ad for Super Bowl


Pot isn’t harmless but when you consider prescription drugs and alcohol, it is far behind them in deaths (zero, as in nobody can OD from pot) and addiction (it does not contain addictive agents).

Hell, fast food and cigarettes are far worse for you.

I smoked a little pot in high school but it usually just introverted me and made me hang out with friends at home in the basement.

I drove drunk too many times under 21 and I am thankful that my idiocy didn’t cost anyone their lives. So fucking stupid…

So yeah, alcohol is far worse for kids.

Legalize pot tax it, put the money to good use, regulate it…

I know multiple people who have continually lost jobs because they can’t stop smoking pot. These people also smoke cigarettes and occasionally drink, but they don’t have any other vices. They’ve never failed any alcohol tests, or other drug tests… only marijuana.

Alcohol is only worse for kids because they have bad parents and they make stupid decisions. I also know of incidents where kids have smoked pot, drove, ran a stop sign and got killed. Marijuana is not a blameless thing.

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