Reply To: Resign Kwon or Let Him Walk?

  1. Re-sign him of course. Bucs fans have long had the mindset that if a player isn’t an All-Pro that he’s no good. Somehow guys aren’t good enough to play for the Bucs yet they are good enough to contribute to other teams and help them make playoffs and win championships. The list is very long and keeps getting longer. Look at an elite level team. If you have 5 All-Pros on your 53 man roster that’s seen as great. Even if you have 7 or 8 guys making top money. Kwon is not an All-Pro but he’s productive and helps us more than he’d hurt. If the solution to letting him walk is finding a player some other team developed then we’re the same old Bucs. Unable to make our own dinner with our own groceries. Gotta get drive-thru.
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