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What happened to the quality of Oline play in the NFL, nay football in general. There are no more Larry Allens, Fanecas, Joe Thomas, Willie Roafs anymore. Ill give it to Trent Williams, Tyron Smith, Martin but they are outliers. Over the last 5 years it has gone to crap mediocre plays like D. Smith are getting PAID. I know the CBA has been ruining line play with rules about contact in that you can’t team people how to block if you can’t let them hit. Also that the college game has been asking lineman to do less traditional things but there comes a time when as a lineman you need to be able to impose your will and I’m just not seeing that anymore.


Something has to give maybe the new CBA will make concessions for line and contact, or will the McVays build an offense that mirrors what they are asked to do in college. But even McVay had to give up on guys like Greg Robinson for old heads in Whitworth and Saffold.

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