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15) Shotgun Pass.

LG – Deiter

Single on 2 tech heads up initially who goes hard B gap. Wins strike, great base and knee bend. Anchor is good. Rush is ensured to be stalled out right at the apex of the pocket when Center comes over to help. +1

C – Bradbury

Double on 2 tech over Deiter and they completely stall him out at the apex of the pocket. +1

RG – Lindstrom

Single on 2 tech heads up. Loses A gap immediately with a Slap > Rip and 2 tech is coming downhill right into QB’s lap. Big time Pressure in the worse place. -2

RT – Risner

Single on 7 tech. Loses edge initially as he doesn’t set hard enough there (several inside countermoves at this point and it seems like the way he wins the edge is by oversetting to it). DE gets his right shoulder around Risner’s and a Slap > Swim ensures pressure on the QB. -1