Reply To: 2019 2nd Round Pick Prospects Review


19) Shotgun Pass.

LG – Deiter

Single 3 tech right who goes hard A gap at the snap. Well placed, hard strike stalls him out. He attempts to spin back to the B gap, but good base/leverage/hands and DT stalls out near the apex of the pocket. +2

C – Bradbury

Double on 2 tech over Lindstrom who goes hard B gap. A bit late getting over there (he’s clearly helping him from the outset because (a) he’s looking there and (b) Lindstrom man goes A gap and he doesn’t help), but the two of them ride him out of the B gap and no Pressure. 0

RG – Lindstrom

Initial single on 2 tech heads up with Center coming over late. His 45 set turns into a Vertical set after he loses the B gap a bit to a Slap at his hand strike (which unbalances him a bit…if this DT was a good pass rusher and had a Rip, he is beyond even, wins the B gap and this is pressure…next level that is what will happen). However, he recovers a bit and Center ensures no Pressure. 0

RT – Risner

Single on 7 tech. Loses edge a bit, but this one isn’t too bad as the edge rusher’s arc would have been well beyond standard D arc and QB would be able to step up or get the ball out (he did the latter). +1

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