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Dy-nasty D

Pot isn’t harmless but when you consider prescription drugs and alcohol, it is far behind them in deaths (zero, as in nobody can OD from pot) and addiction (it does not contain addictive agents).

Hell, fast food and cigarettes are far worse for you.

I smoked a little pot in high school but it usually just introverted me and made me hang out with friends at home in the basement.

I drove drunk too many times under 21 and I am thankful that my idiocy didn’t cost anyone their lives. So fucking stupid…

So yeah, alcohol is far worse for kids.

Legalize pot tax it, put the money to good use, regulate it…

What does alcohol have to do with it? That’s like saying that getting pneumonia is OK because its better than cancer. Pot is terrible for kids. Have you ever had to try to teach a kid who is high? I have. Its not fun. There is no learning going on. If you have a child, do you want him or her getting high before or during school? Sure you can pass high school pretty easily high or not. The school districts main goal is to get a diploma for as many students as possible. Their goal is 100% graduation rate. But there are two kinds of students- Group A) the ones who are taking AP chemistry and Calculus 2. These are the ones that might go to U of Florida or other good colleges. Then there are Group B who don’t give a crap about school and slide through regular classes and end up competing for a job as an assistant manager at Autozone or driving a beer truck. If you want your kid to be in Group A then you better make sure they aren’t smoking weed. If you want them to be in Group B then pot is perfectly OK.

Doing it at the occasional party on the weekend is not going to affect anything, but many people who smoke pot do it every day and that is when your brain turns into mush.

Well, pot is illegal, so kids aren’t smoking it. LOL.

I think pot smoking among kids is more indicative of other family problems, not THE problem.


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