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Traits I see…


* Really great frame/length.

* Devastating get-off when hand is in the dirt but average to below snap anticipation.

* Extremely violent and refined hand usage, especially in the run game (+ in pass rush). He’s similar to Ferguson (though not as refined/sound) in that he has a Push-Pull that he uses in the run game to successfully shed regularly, he’s got a a Club > Rip in pass rush and his physicality and + hand use augments his Speed > Power.

* Solid football IQ and assignment soundness.

* Solid finisher in tight quarters due to his length and his Wrap and Roll is very good.

* Solid PoA discipline and play strength when he’s able to use his hands, extend, flex hips and anchor.

* Extremely good motor when he’s still in the play vicinity.


* Linear athlete (but extremely explosive that way). Limited east west due to lack of hip and ankle mobility. This causes problems two ways:

(EDGE BEND/REDIRECT) while he can easily get hip to hip with a tackle due to his N/S explosiveness, he needs a soft edge (which he can’t always get with his hands) because he can’t dip and bend it…and his change of direction inside or spin counter in pass rush is going to be limited


(FINISH) dropping his hips and changing direction in space to finish behind the LoS can be an issue.

* Throttles it back sometimes if the play is away from him rather than getting an angle and pursuing across a 20 yard gap.

* When he gets body to body w/ a player or caught in the wash, he gets high and gets stuck (because he can’t use those hands and length to extract). A lot of wash plays he just becomes a body rather than a force.

* Really light (241) and when he comes off the edge standing up (OLB), he tends to pop up and mitigate his explosiveness.

* Following from above, I don’t see him being a great space player so I don’t think he can be a great coverage player at the next level. I don’t see OLB in his future.


So there are some issues that are all integrated here. I feel like he has to be a hand-in-the-dirt end, but he’s really light and when he can’t use his advantages (hand and length) and its a wash scenario (like maybe a Gap play where he’s dealing with a puller or someone kicking-out + a few players fighting for the adjacent B gap), he can struggle to be effective. But this rarely happens due to his N/S explosiveness, violent and sound hands.

I like this player…but a few things concern me.


1 – Josh Allen (Edge)

2 – Quinnen Williams (DT)

3 – Greedy Williams (CB)

4 – Jaylon Ferguson (Edge)

5 – Clellin Ferrell (Edge)

6 – Ed Oliver (DT)

7 – Jonah Williams (LT) (assuming a Zone run offense…if not, he goes down to the next tier)


8 – Montez Sweat (Edge)

9 – Dexter Lawrence (DT)

10 – Deandre Baker (CB)

11 – Byron Murphy (CB)

12 – Rashan Gary (DL)

13 – Devin White (ILB)

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