Reply To: DeSean to the Rams?


can’t imagine the Rams have the finances to add his high priced contract to their line up….they already pay a ton to their stars and will have more to pay after their rookie contracts are up —-wishful thinking DJAX…..ship his ass to Cleveland.

They will cut a lot of salary in the offseason.

Suh and Fowler are possibilities. Snead is really into the one year rentals, win now plan.

And as long as Goff is cheap, they are ok.

they’re a smart organization who knows better not to bring this whiny diva cancerous ass to their team— he sounds like he’s entitled to play for them —-but the truth is, they don’t need him and probably don’t want his complaining over-the-hill ass.

He just wants some home cooking, don’t hate.

Well, he’s not LeBron,and he’s not in the position to select the teams he’ll be taking his talents to play for …… least while he’s under contract.

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