Reply To: FBI admits spying on political opponents of Obummstain/Clinton



When Muller sent CNN along for the daylight raid of the Stone compound when he’d already offered to turn himself in I suddenly realized…. Muller is full of shit after all



Trump is a Russian asset and numbnuts here is concerned about Stone being embarrassed.

CNN staked out several folks homes including Drumpf Jr.’s once the news leaked about a possible arrest.

Quit your whining. They bust folks like that everyday.

You guys have completely lost your objectivity. Do you really believe that Trump is a Russian asset? A crook, sure nobody doubts he’s a crook and nobody doubts it of Hillary and most politicians. Sure Trump was trying to make money on everything he’s done since he was born and through stupidity and arrogance didn’t believe any of this stuff would come back to haunt him because in his view he’s just trying to make money. It’s only when you view this stuff as a political observer do you start to see conflicts. Trump would never think it was a big deal to get dirt on an opponent or to go to a meeting where someone was offering dirt on said opponent. So what? Trump ran as a political outsider. Nobody thought he could win, probably including himself. And he ran on bucking the rules. To me its a nothingburger stirred up by a large group of people who would sell their own kids to hurt Trump. Unless Trump is a Russian agent then there is just nothing here.

I just wonder the scandals a Hillary white house would have brought us.

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