Reply To: Sarah Sanders: God wanted Trump to be president

LOL you guys are so self righteous.
You guys?
Oh, I guess you’re assuming I’m a liberal, lefty, democrat, etc.
That’s cute…
Would the CLinton’s have any unchristian qualities that may offend god?
Just curious. But, why does everything come back to the Clinton’s? What do either of those 2 bastards have anything to do with Trump.
I mean, is it in the Trump Supporter playbook to start flailing your arms around and screaming “Hilary” any time Trump is criticized?
As I said, Trump is aligned with the religious right. Sorry you are offended but perhaps if you became a part of the religious right, you could vote for God’s candidates too.
Lol @ “God’s Candidates”. Almost as comical and pathetic as you thinking myself (or anyone for that matter) being offended by Trump being endorsed by a fictional superhero.
I’ll make everyone on here a deal right now. The next candidate that comes forward being endorsed by Deadpool will get my vote.
Feel better?

It’s pretty silly that you guys make such a big deal of it. As if you don’t know that 99.9999% of anyone who believed that didn’t already vote for Trump.

Nah. What’s silly is the hypocrisy of the “religious right” that you speak of. And, if I actually needed to explain that, it would most likely go over your head and be a waste of time anyways.


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