Reply To: How does 9 wins sound?


If Arians can get us to 9 wins with Winston, he should be coacg of not just the year…. but the decade.

Dirk got us 9 wins with Winston… people tend to have short memories.

yep, but we’re talking about the Bucs – a franchise which has losing seasons 75% of it’s existence and is the absolute worst professional franchise in North America…..Predicting a 9+ win season is dreaming.

And posting stuff like “wait until the draft and FA? Come on man, we’re talking about the Bucs….a team with cap issues and a GM who drafts kicker in the 2nd round and signs diva, disgrunted WRs and re-signs DBs who publicly state they don’t want to be Bucs.

But that’s what Bucs fans do – project future success when they should be pessimistic.  They do it every off season.


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