Reply To: Honest Abe Trump Named Worst President in History


Also, it is the GOP that are feigning being fiscally Conservative… the last balanced budget was under Clinton.

We’ve reduced revenue and upped spending… the Democrats try and bring historically low taxes back to a more pragmatic scale, and the GOP calls them socialist and redistribution of wealth communists.

It is asinine. Trump took historically low taxes, and gave 99.9 cents of his new tax cuts to the elite and .01 to us… oh joy I got 75 buck more. I have upper middle class earners that are FUCKED by is new (standard) deduction plan this year. Yet the wealthy get the real savings.

Lowering revenue through tax cuts is also a redistribution of wealth – it just flows up instead of down.

Then we up spending as both sides have no interest in balancing the budget. Republicans want to cut social safety nets which amount to nothing compared to bloated defense spending, stupid fucking walls, and other right wing nonsense… which is why I vote Democrat DESPITE their clear incompetence


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