Reply To: DeSean to the Rams?


they’re a smart organization who knows better not to bring this whiny diva cancerous ass to their team

That’s true. They bring in high character guys like Aqib Talib, Ndamukong Suh, Marcus Peters, Dante Fowler, etc..

Murses will murse.

Don’t forget drafting a guy top 10 who was suspended by the NCAA

So you think the Rams will bring him onto their team? I think they want no part of him.

They probably don’t even need him. But your point about the Rams being an organization that only acquires model, upstanding citizens to play for them is 100% wrong. Talib, Suh, Peters, Gurley, Fowler, all have been more problematic at 1 point or another than Djax has.

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