Reply To: 2019 1st Round Pick Prospects Review


No problem fellas.

I’ve briefly looked at Cody Ford and there is a lot to like.

I’m going to evaluate him fully tomorrow.

, is Saunders projected 1st round? Where was his success at? 1v1 Pass Pro. As I noted in my 2nd round thread, 1v1 Pass Pro only does so much work for me because it doesn’t translate to actual football (DL have 3 way go, they have no keys, they have no gap responsibility, they have no line call). You can see some traits, but not much beyond that.

I don’t believe he played against the interior of Deiter, Bradbury, and Lindstrom in the actual game, so I’m assuming he was on their team? Did you feel he performed well in the game?

Its kind of like trying to bring strict Gi Jiujitsu (rather than actual combat Jiujitsu) into mixed martial arts. There is a lot that just doesn’t translate.

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