Reply To: How does 9 wins sound?


And posting stuff like “wait until the draft and FA? Come on man, we’re talking about the Bucs….

Yeah. That’s something fans do. They wait to see how FA pans out and how the draft goes.

a team with cap issues

With a few moves, they can be more than $40M under the cap.

and a GM who drafts kicker in the 2nd round

I’ll give you that one, LPN.

and signs diva, disgrunted WRs

Really? Plural? Who are they?

and re-signs DBs who publicly state they don’t want to be Bucs.

Give us a list of names.

But that’s what Bucs fans do – project future success when they should be pessimistic. They do it every off season.

Yep. Fans get excited. That’s what happens. After spending all your free time posting on a fan message board, claiming to be a spectator; one would think that even an idiot could’ve figured that out.

Troll on…


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