Reply To: How does 9 wins sound?


If Arians can get us to 9 wins with Winston, he should be coacg of not just the year…. but the decade.

Dirk got us 9 wins with Winston… people tend to have short memories.

yep, but we’re talking about the Bucs – a franchise which has losing seasons 75% of it’s existence and is the absolute worst professional franchise in North America…..Predicting a 9+ win season is dreaming.

And posting stuff like “wait until the draft and FA? Come on man, we’re talking about the Bucs….a team with cap issues and a GM who drafts kicker in the 2nd round and signs diva, disgrunted WRs and re-signs DBs who publicly state they don’t want to be Bucs.

But that’s what Bucs fans do – project future success when they should be pessimistic. They do it every off season.

They should be pessimistic? Why in the hell should they be? Unless they’re gambling it makes zero sense like most of your other posts quite frankly and if they are gambling they’re not fans but professionals.

Fans are doing this for love of the game not to feel crappy about their team. Who chooses a hobby where having to feel crappy is required? Are you a masochist Morgan? You sound like one.

The mistake is Morgan, you are approaching this like it somehow matters but frankly sir, it’s exactly like most of your posts it simply doesn’t matter.

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