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We’re going to be in Nickel 70+ % of the time. So that will mean 24 with a pair of 3 techs (JPP can fill that role) or 33 where JPP can play a 5 or 7.

Regardless, he’ll play as a 1 gapping penetrator so he should be fine.

Do you see Gerald fitting into that scheme?

Moreso in 24 Nickel. Gerald being a 1 gap player up the C gap arc as a 5 tech I’m less sure about. Gerald’s primary weakness is that he’s an extremely linear player. He’s enormously explosive that way, but as soon as you ask him to start dropping his hips, bending, and turning a hard edge to the QB or abruptly changing direction…he has trouble. The B gap’s natural arc is about 45 degrees to the QB launch point. C gap is around 60-70 (depending upon how quickly you’re hip to hip with the OT and win the edge). That is a pretty big deal for someone like Gerald. He’s got good enough hand-use to soften the hard edge of the C arc, but he won’t be able to dip > rip > bend like a great outside pass rusher.

But in 335 where he can play 3 tech, he’ll be right at home.

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