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Looking forward to the Greg Little review

Alright, I’ve just reviewed GREG LITTLE vs ALABAMA AND AUBURN 2018

I’m not going to do the same sort of write-up that I’ve done with others.

I’m going to make a singular statement and then write lines of supporting evidence.

GREG LITTLE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE DONOVAN SMITH ON TAPE (STAY AWAY). He is a boom or bust player with high variance in his play from snap to snap.

* He has fantastic size and length. DSmith.

* He has a great kick-slide (agile, efficient, good knee bend, good posture) and the footwork to mirror pass rushers without oversetting (when he wants to). DSmith.

* His anchor is + due to his size and knee-bend (and he can re-anchor if he loses initially). DSmith.

* When in space (be it pulling or climbing 2nd level, etc), the athleticism that he shows in his pass sets often doesn’t show up. He can randomly run up the back of his own guys (pullers in front of him or down blockers) on pulls (or make the correct play). He can fail to find people in space or take inappropriate angles. DSmith.

* His strike placement is extremely inconsistent and you see all kinds of reps where he’s outside of the frame on the initial strike and he doesn’t adjust. This creates leverage loss and the prospect for Holding in both the run game and passing game. DSmith.

* His effort in drive blocking (be it Inside Zone or Man or down-blocking or Gap) has all kinds of variance and WAY too many snaps where he is content to simply occupies defenders and not drive his legs and/or flip/flex/snap his hips to move someone on their axis. There is no excuse for that with a man of this size/length and what-should-be functional strength. DSmith. (As an aside, this works in concert with laziness and poor hand strike placement, and lack of adjustment, to have more opportunities to Hold). However, other times, he’ll have excellent, dominating snaps. DSmith.

* There are plenty of plays where they run play-action Zone (or other) and he’s mostly uncovered and he is content to not find work. DSmith.

* There are plays where he is standing near the pile in the running game and he’s content to stand and watch. DSmith.


I’m putting him at the bottom of this prospect list, but this is the kind of player that I personally want no part of. The athleticism that is expressed on certain parts of the tape is completely absent on other parts, particularly in space and when trying to move people in the running game, so that tells me he has some proprioception/spatial awareness and some want-to/effort issues.

There is little excuse for many of the lack-of-effort things I see on tape and no excuse for him to not be a functional people mover. One of the things I HATE seeing on tape is big, athletic OL being content with just occupying people in the running game. Its a horrible trait and its contagious to the rest of the line…and the rest of the team. Its no coincidence that oftentimes physical defenses have physical finishers on the OL or in the running game (Alstott and our great defenses were synergistic) and vice versa. Football is an extremely contagious sport. Keep guys that are contagious in a bad way off your team.


1 – Josh Allen (Edge)

2 – Jachai Polite (Edge)

3 – Quinnen Williams (DT)

4 – Greedy Williams (CB)

5 – Jaylon Ferguson (Edge)

6 – Clellin Ferrell (Edge)

7 – Ed Oliver (DT)

8 – Jonah Williams (LT) (assuming a Zone run offense…if not, he goes down to the next tier)

9 – Cody Ford (OL)


10 – Montez Sweat (Edge)

11 – Dexter Lawrence (DT)

12 – Deandre Baker (CB)

13 – Byron Murphy (CB)

14 – Rashan Gary (DL)

15 – Devin White (ILB)

16 – Greg Little (OT)

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