Reply To: Jameis taking over Radio Row


“One thing DeSean is gonna do is he’s gonna keep it real with you. I think as a quarterback, when you have a receiver like that, you respect that. When you know you got a playmaker like him, he wants the ball. He feeds off the ball. That’s just something I got to continue to work at with him to get him the ball. Me and Mike have that relationship. We have that 1-2 punch. Me and DeSean, we’re gonna develop that because, I mean, the man, he got skills out the ying-yang. I just gotta get him the ball, whether it’s not just long down the field… just put the ball in his hands and let him do what he do because he’s one of the greatest to ever play.”

I think thats on the play calling.  To get Jackson the ball in other ways other than the deep ball.  For some reason they didn’t do a lot of that.  For example, Carolina seemed to be good at that with DJ Moore.

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