Reply To: Trade Down W/Broncos


If you want to judge Lindstrom’s game tape, look at his games at BC, not at an all star game with guys he’s been with for less than a week.

I agree that his BC tape is more relevant (and I did evaluate it…it was absolutely great).

However, during the Senior Bowl game, Lindstrom’s play losses weren’t about protection call communication or chemistry. There were physical or technical or both. It was aberrant with respect to his normal play at BC, but it was what it was.

The only real issue I had with Lindstrom was projecting him in professional Pass Pro (in an actual game) in space because (a) the BC splits are so narrow (therefore there is ample help and much less space for DL to work as one gap penetrators) and (b) they run play-action (especially Zone) so much that he is extremely rarely on an island quick or 45 setting against a 1 tech or 3 tech (where an NFL protection slide is going away from him).

However, the BC tape reveals him to be extremely technically proficient across the board and capable + in all phases of Guard play (so a poor Senior Bowl game showing shouldn’t impact him too much…insofar as it is impacting players at all).

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