Reply To: *NEW* Bucs’ 2019 Turnaround Must Start With O-Line


Another comment on the content of this article:

1) If “Jensen graded out decently, at least in the eyes of the organization”, then we clearly have a systemic bias issue or a massive blind-spot in our self-scouting department that needs fixing.

Licht paid Jensen the most money in the league (the highest Center number on the books in 2018) to put out a 54.9 PFF grade (60 is par…not good…”as expected”) and a 51.1 PFF grade in the running game. And that grade went up in the last 4-5 weeks as it was barely 50. And that grade is absolutely correct (and possibly even a little generous in his Pass Protection grade).

Now we’re stuck with his outrageous, guaranteed 2019 $ figure.

2) Donovan Smith’s issued isn’t a “percieved laziness”. Its a real laziness. Greg Little in this year’s draft is a carbon copy of Donovan (though a little smaller). An athletic big man whose play variance is extreme (due to effort volatility and hand striking technique) from play to play and who is completely content with just occupying defenders in the running game with regularity. Guys that size and with that athleticism SHOULD NEVER HAVE THEIR FEET STOP MOVING IN THE RUN GAME. They should be setting the tone and BURYING GUYS. Football is contagious. When OL stand around on pass pro and don’t look for extra work when they’re uncovered…or stand near piles watching in the running game…or don’t finish their blocks….

Its contagious…in the worst way possible.

You don’t want those guys on your team, not just because of their own play…but because it infects those around them (and even the other side of the ball…just as the inverse does…its no coincidence that the Colts OL is suddenly enormously physcial and burying people regularly and suddenly the defense is pursuing and hitting and rallying to the ball like crazy…right when Quentin Nelson is picked and is killing guys and running through every pile and running to pick up his downfield teammates every single time a run is broken off or a WR catches a pass…contagious).

Oh and 50+ Pressures allowed every single year in the league is another reason why you don’t want him…not “frustration with perceived laziness.”

But, just like we’re stuck with Jensen’s outrageous guaranteed number next year (and it will cost us in actually productive players, retaining and/or hiring), we’re almost surely stuck with franchising DSmith for 14.5-ish in 2019 so we can go BPA in the first round and not reach for an OT (with the first picks being so top-heavy with great DL talent and CB Greedy Williams).

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