Reply To: 2019 1st Round Pick Prospects Review


There is little excuse for many of the lack-of-effort things I see on tape and no excuse for him to not be a functional people mover. One of the things I HATE seeing on tape is big, athletic OL being content with just occupying people in the running game. Its a horrible trait and its contagious to the rest of the line…and the rest of the team. Its no coincidence that oftentimes physical defenses have physical finishers on the OL or in the running game (Alstott and our great defenses were synergistic) and vice versa. Football is an extremely contagious sport.

This is why Id love to see Lindstrom next to Jensen. Marpet on the other side. Thats 3 interior  guys who at least play all out till the whistle.

who do you think plays with better effort out of Jonah Williams and Cody Ford? I havent watched too many guys this year.

Also, if Greg Little is there in round 2, are you passing on him?

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