Reply To: *NEW* Bucs’ 2019 Turnaround Must Start With O-Line

The Anti-Java

Thank you!!! We’ve used a draft pick in RDs 1 or 2 ONCE in 11 years!on Oline!! Not a misprint! 2015 ( D.Smith , Ali Marpet) – just knowing we have a CLOWN with a GM IQ of 2! Is costing years off my life. We are paying a center who lead in penalties the most $$ at a position we could arguably use Marpet at. Last yr 2nd round Cle,Indy,Nyg, all took big interior linemen, 2018 was deep in great interior line draft. We take Ronald Jones then Chi takes Josh Daniels a G/C right after us. Like they all knew and we didn’t!You had Mason Cole, later on. The 3 teams in front and Chi behind us all vastly improved upfront! Even if those 3 teams didn’t want to trade with us to go a couple spots we still had Daniels who could play G/C BPA on many boards.C is usually least valuable of the 5. So we could have saved 10 million n GOT better production – 10 Mil on Djax after taking Godwin 80th to be WR2! This GM is gone upstairs!! Thinking any 6’4” 310 lb guy are all the same is moronic. Will trade up for PK , n DIII O lineman but not 3 spots for Willie Hernandez or Braden Smith or stay put n take Daniels!! It’s why I’m at the point now, mixed reviews on best CB , I think Jonah Williams is safe!! Rather have a 10 yr starter who could play RT for a yr before LT or move inside if we get a dominant T later on. Than a “ Dlinmen” who ends up terrible.We have to be the ONLY franchise to go 11 yrs n only one draft go Oline in first 2rds. Djax, Jensen And Brate save us 30 mil – you could get a solid hands TE late and a solid WR in 3,4.Problen is Licht has us needing too much. He should’ve not had Carlton Davis he was 10 spots higher than MJ Stewart on many boards.Got super lucky!Like if he followed magazines he’d do better- Derwin James is ALL PRO 90% of the world had us taking him! He threw away two early 2’s!! N I can’t forgive that!

Agree with all that, hell they could go linemen the whole draft and that would be ok with me. I am not as big on Greedy as some are here.

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