Reply To: Can We Transition Tag Smith?


They could, but why? We could get the same production from a 2-4th round pick. If they transition someone it would be Humphries.

1) We will be franchise tagging Smith.  The transition tag was only used by one team last year.  It seems to me that its because whats the point?  All it says is that you have a right to match the highest offer.  Isn’t that pretty true for a UFA?  If a UFA wants out so much that he doesn’t let his current team match the highest offer, then maybe you should let him go anyway.  And you get no compensation if the other team signs him.  So whats the point of using the transition tag?

2)  You say 2nd to 4th round.  You thing we are going to find a LT in the 4th?  Sure the top of the 2nd maybe.  But that is a pick you don’t get to use on somebody else.  Same argument goes for the “Draft Haskins” argument.  Sure we can pick Haskins and he might be better than Winston, but now we have no pick to use to get a D-Line player or O-line player from the top of the draft!  Its the same for the top of the 2nd round.  We get a player equal to or a little better than Smith, and we don’t get to use that pick on a linebacker or guard who we desperately need.  This “Just replace him with a draft pick” argument doesn’t fly.  We have a lot of holes to fill with those picks.

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