Reply To: Sarah Sanders: God wanted Trump to be president


@ Donkeyhunter

Just curious. But, why does everything come back to the Clinton’s? What do either of those 2 bastards have anything to do with Trump.

I mean, is it in the Trump Supporter playbook to start flailing your arms around and screaming “Hilary” any time Trump is criticized?

Speaking of cute…. I assumed that when Sarah Sanders says “God wanted Trump to be President” That she was referring to the last election, in which Trump ran against Hillary Clinton. Sorry if that also bothers you.

Lol @ “God’s Candidates”. Almost as comical and pathetic as you thinking myself (or anyone for that matter) being offended by Trump being endorsed by a fictional superhero.
I’ll make everyone on here a deal right now. The next candidate that comes forward being endorsed by Deadpool will get my vote.

It’s a free country… or it’s supposed to be anyway. So you’re not opposed to voting for a Deadpool endorsed candidate but you’re having a bad day because another fictional superhero supports Trump? I don’t see the logical argument you’re clinging to.

Nah. What’s silly is the hypocrisy of the “religious right” that you speak of. And, if I actually needed to explain that, it would most likely go over your head and be a waste of time anyways.

Says the guy who thinks it’s ok to vote for deadpool’s endorsed candidate but not God’s.

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