Sunday, September 22, 2019

Reply To: BIG LEAD: Arians ranked 24th best head coach in the NFL



If I recall correctly was there a year the cardinals had the best record in the nfc but then lost Carson Palmer late in the season, and his backup went down too and they started a third string QB in the playoffs? And he had a very good Seattle team to contend with in his division. I’m not suggesting BA is a top 10 coach but 24 seems a bit low for a two time coach of the year to me.

I mean these rankings aren’t really worth much. Is Matt Patricia a better coach than Bruce Arians? I don’t think so, but maybe? It’s more click bait than actual analysis.

That being said, Arians has a number of things working against him: (1) a bad team (2) age/health (3) uncertainty at QB (4) a strong division (5) 1 playoff win.

Arians is a guy that could win a Super Bowl. But he’s not a coach that will compete for them regularly unfortunately.

he’s kicking himself for not lobbying strong enough for the Cleveland job..

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