Sunday, September 22, 2019

Reply To: BIG LEAD: Arians ranked 24th best head coach in the NFL


The Anomaly

Is anyone surprised? Arians is way overrated in buc land. He has 1 playoff win. I feel like he had better pieces in Phoenix.

It will be short and brutal.

Right but in his one playoff win he beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers with Carson Palmer at QB who was washed up a couple years earlier.

I get it if you’re a long time fan and dont get your hopes up too high but you seem excessively negative about BA. He was 13-3 that year and one game away from a SB

That’s a one off situation.  He really hasn’t done much.  You guys can blow him up and try to make him into something bigger but he’s not.  He’s an old retired dude.  He’s not even calling plays(which was his actual claim to fame).


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