Reply To: Is Winston worth 5 years 150 million?


If Winston pushes for a contract like that he is saying money is important and I’m fine with playing on a losing team. One of the reasons that New England has won so many super bowls is that Tom Brady has not demanded to get paid what he’s truly worth. If Winston get his $150 million…he’s ready to eat a lot of “L”.

i guess Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers are gonna eat a lot of L’s too. Dak , Wentz, Goff, Mahomes as well

i get where you’re going but Brady is the only QB in the league taking team friendly deals like that. hes also not hurting for money and happens to have a wife that makes more in a year than him which is extra crazy

im not gonna fault a guy for trying to cash in, theres no reason not to try to set yourself up for life while you can. it is what the market is and the QB salary has become incredibly bloated

you cant honestly sit there and tell me you would say “give me 20mil when the offer is 30mil” . it would be foolish of you especially in a sport where you’re 1 snap away from retirement

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