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Reply To: Is Winston worth 5 years 150 million?


The headline sounds scarier than it actually is. If the Bucs continue to structure contracts like they have done in the past, it’s essentially a two year prove it deal with a heavily front loaded contract. If Winston doesn’t work out, he can be cut with minimal dead money.

“With Winston, the Bucs will likely have to guarantee two years, although those figures will again be voidable in case of off-field incidents. He’ll likely get a large upfront roster bonus of $15 million or so to go with an $8 million base salary in 2020, then a $26 million base salary with a $7 million roster bonus for the 2021 season. The Bucs would be able to move on from Winston without any dead money at that point if the former top selection doesn’t live up to expectations on the field.”

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