Reply To: Cheers!! to the Crumbling Death of the Deep State

Nope, but my opinion has more validity than someone “who lies for a living “.

Fair enough, sir.

So, based on your logic, we can agree that when it comes to law; his opinion has more validity than a person “who can’t do, so they teach” .

Since I got out of teaching to become a broker. Try again.. Lol

As to Crown/Virgil, Well I guess that depends on whether he is being truthful. Judging from his posts I see an obsessive compulsive disorder that seems to lead his drivel.

What kind of law does he actually practice?

Don’t you and Crown have a presidential rally to attend for Michael John Avenatti ? lol Seems like he is quite agreeable to that “HATE TRUMP” agenda you and Crown support. Like the MSM you have to be a fan. Right?

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