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When I responded to this topic I was specifically talking about Pewter Report and how they may keep information under their hat or not pursue a topic with one of their inside sources.

We can get the facts anywhere, the reporting of the events and quotes from the press conferences.  Pewter Report is not a news channel.  We read PR because we want to get more in depth information, inside scoop and “hard hitting” commentary that you wouldn’t get from the press conference or local news interview.  If PR can’t do that then they aren’t doing their job.   That’s their whole reason for existing.

Sometimes I want more from PR.  For example the Gerald McCoy saga.  I’m not saying they need to join in with some fans who’s complaints never end.  But  I suspect there was more going on behind the scenes than was being reported.   PR failed to get behind the scenes with that story, or worse they did have more information and chose not to pass it along.     I realize you have to keep your sources happy, but you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette.