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You can’t make this stuff up. Bucs fans contemplating bringing in a past-his-prime turnover-machine Rivers to replace its face of the franchise QB turnover machine Winston because of a discount in salary/contract. Unbelievable. Clown act franchise. Clowns for fans. Smh.

A few differences of note…

#1: Rivers has had multiple seasons with an Int rate at 2.0 and below.

#2: Rivers is a more accurate passer.

#3: Rivers (and his agent), won’t be looking for a big contract, i.e. 5+ years at $30M+ AAV.

#4: Rivers won’t be expected to be a “franchise QB”, just a stop gap who would improve the Bucs’ chances to make the playoffs while the rest of the team is built for the future QB.

#5: Rivers doesn’t actually suck as a QB.