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Like I led with in my post, I’m not advocating for taking Burrows. I haven’t studied him enough to have a well-informed position.

I just posed my post to provoke thought because what I typically see in these scenarios is people not comparing like to like.

It typically works out as considering something approximating the hopeful, nearly best case scenario with many picks of lower value (say 4 picks including a pair of mid-1st nad mid-2nd rounders) vs the fears of a bust at a single pick in the top 3 or so.

I’m trying to balance those scales with (a) the “difference-maker” quality and (b) the reality is math drops off precipitously as you move down the draft (both in (i) bust rate and (ii) level of contribution).

Simply put, 1 Quenton Nelson (a guaranteed pillar at Offensive Guard, a game-changer for the ioL specifically and OL generally, an attitude-adjustment centerpiece, a low injury position, a long shelf-life position, a bargain salary-wise 1st contract) is worth our entire 2016 draft class and most of our 2017 draft class combined!

Again, just posting to try to get people to not be dogmatic about these things and to equilibrate the scales more appropriately.