Reply To: With many recent Covid cases- should NFL go for Herd Immunity?


Players should all get together and let every player get exposed to CV?
Get it over with NOW– before the season starts??

Get it over with in June/earlyJuly– so that it’s not hanging over everyone’s head in Aug,Sept,Oct,Nov,Dec,Jan,Feb!!!

It could get UGLY if the NFL doesn’t do a controlled burn before the season, imo…

Yeah, contrary to the many doctors and scientists that frequent our boards, no one if forced into the contagion of this disease, that plays football, is going to die from it and, it allows all players to be eligible to play again once they are well. So, as crazy as it sounds to those that think .000001 percent of this healthy male, athlete at the top of their game is going to die from getting this, it’s simply not the worst idea.

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Every team quarantine themselves at their designated sites to get the virus, so that play can go on and the playing field is level for all teams when the real games start!!

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