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Funny that you Trumpettes don’t get this.

Runole, in an almost cartoon character way you are actually screaming “YES, I AM A RACIST” when, as a white guy you post a black guy Or girl who professes to agree with you AND outside .. in the real world we’ve had

…20 days of global protest against racism by MILLIONS

….2 different black men murdered by white cops in two completely different areas of the country

….A black guy hunted down and killed by white red necks in Ga

… every major sports league in the WORLD joining in support of black people including the NFL almost apologizing to Kap

….Many police forces voluntarily instituting reforms

…. every living President but Trump supporting the calls to end/ address racism

…. the Pope calling for addresssing global racism

…. the GOP actually agreeing that the US need to address racial inequality

I didn’t even watch your video and will not because it’s so absurd, especially given your history on this board.

There have now been multiple threads here, started by pro-Trump white guys, featuring black people, because the posters want to show that A black person agrees with them

That so pathetic and delusional and ….


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